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Rapid CSS editor is an HTML and CSS code editor designed to make you more productive. With Rapid CSS you can create modern HTML and CSS-based websites and user interfaces faster and easier. Coding is a breeze thanks to many intelligent features such as auto complete, code inspector, CSS checker, integration with AI assistant and instant built-in multi-browser preview. What's new in 2025?

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Why Rapid CSS?

How is Rapid CSS better?

Beginner friendly CSS editor

Rapid CSS is a perfect HTML and CSS editor for learners. Thanks to its unique combination of simplicity and powerful features, Rapid CSS editor is used by many schools, universities and web development courses.

Choice for experts

Rapid CSS is the obvious style sheet editor choice for expert web designers, because it packs unique punch of features, speed, flexibility and value in a single HTML5 and CSS3 editor. You may also want to look into our more advanced editors.

Powerful AI features *

AI-powered assistant can help you generate, modify and optimize code automatically, as well as find answers and solve coding challenges right within the comfort of your code editor.


Detailed feature list

Text editor

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Keystroke savers

AI-powered assistance *

Language tools


File management


User interface

Plugin support


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